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PlaTIN - Secure File Transfer 1.0

PlaTIN - Secure File Transfer 1.0

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PlaTIN - Secure File Transfer Publisher's Description

PlaTIN - Plan-Transfer-Information-Network

PlaTIN differs from the conventional file transfer utilities by its tap-proof and forgery-proof SSL transmission of sensitive enterprise data, as well as by a user rights administration, which permits a very much differentiated assignment of access levels.
PlaTIN breaks off with pedantic ISDN direct connections and expensive data medium courier services delivering electronically stored information.
Using PlaTIN saves time and money and with PlaTIN you are always on the safe side, what concerns spying on important and confidential data.

  • Internet based file transfer software with Client/Server technology
  • SSL coding grants tap-proof and forgery-proof data transfer
  • Independence from the operating system platform by using Java technology
  • Support of all file and data formats
  • Data compression for fast transfer and fewer traffic
  • Starlike distribution makes access possible for all entitled users
    immediately after data supply
  • Flexible user rights administration for assignment of differentiated
    access levels
  • Document locking permits joint working on documents
  • Intuitively operated user-front-end
  • Automatic email notifications to all project members on file upload
  • Event and traffic logs

[Internet and Java technology]
The PlaTIN client front-end can either be started as a Java applet within an internet browser (InternetExplorer, Netscape, Opera...), or directly from the Desktop as an independent Java WebStart application. The use of Java technology offers platform independence, i.e. whether Windows, Linux, Unix, or MacOS is the operating system of your choice, PlaTIN runs always and everywhere. The latter applies naturally also to the PlaTIN server, which handles the client inquiries as an independent service application and administers all information in a database. The PlaTIN server application can be understood as a central instance providing the documents to the individual PlaTIN clients.

[SSL coding + Program code signature]
All data transfers within PlaTIN are encrypted by the Secure Socket Layer (SSL). The SSL coding guarantees a tap-proof and forgery-proof data transmission of your confidential documents. Besides the PlaTIN program code is protected by a signature with an official Thawte TrustCenter certificate, which makes it resistent against forgery by bad-willing hackers. The Thawte TrustCenter certificate confirms also the identity of the software developer extreme.soft.

[Data format independence]
The data format of the files transferred by PlaTIN plays absolutely no role. Office documents, as well as pictures, texts and database exports are supported, i.e. all electronic data stored in form of a file can by transferred with PlaTIN tap-proof and forgery-proof.

[Data compression]
The automatically integrated data compression of PlaTIN drastically shortens transmission times and reduces the traffic (data transfer volume).

[Starlike distribution]
With PlaTIN administered files are immediately available to all participated users after they are supplied over the central starlike dispatcher service.

[Flexible user right administration + Clear user-front-end]
The intuitively operated user-front-end of PlaTIN offers the users comfort of extra class. Documents can be made available and fetched completely simply by Drag'n'Drop. Users, groups and projects can be administered by means of clear dialogues and the access authorizations on the documents can be set over checkboxes on folder level and for individual files.

[Document locking]
The simple but effective document locking of PlaTIN provides the opportunity for joint working on documents by several users by means of Lock/Unlock-for-Write technology.

[Email Notifications]
PlaTIN automatically sends email notifications to all project members upon supply of new documents, so that each user is always best informed about the available documents.

[Event and traffic logs]
The PlaTIN superuser (master administrator) has the possibility to take a look into the logs containing information about all transactions, as well as the resulted traffic (data transfer volume).

[Example of use]
A typical application for PlaTIN would be e.g. an architecture office, which coordinates several construction projects at the same time. The customers and/or builders as well as the partner enterprises - like bricklayer, carpenter, plumber, electrician, house painter - assigned to a building project, should be supplied with scanned-in or CAD-exported structural drawings, material bills and such things. Conceivable and simply realizable is also a PlaTIN-supported tender and bid process by accordingly prepared PDF or Word files. With the above mentioned example of use the architecture office plays the role of a project co-ordinator. I.e. for each building project appropriate project groups (in the simplest case the assigned partner enterprises, as well as the builder) are to be created, and for each project group certain users have to be assigned - in the case of the assigned electrician enterprise this would be: the foreman, the journeymen and the apprentices. For the transfer folders particularly created to each project, as well as for the files made available to the transmission, the rights of access can be specified project-specifically for the respective users and groups - so in the case of the electrician enterprise specific documents can be made accessable to the foreman and the journeymen, but not to the apprentices (e.g. materials price lists). The example of use in the surrounding field of building projects, pointed out here, can be easily reproduced in the Demo version of PlaTIN !

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